Comic Quest

Fun fact: I’m a geek! I love comic books.


One of my favorite magazines. The artists featured in Juxtapoz are extremely innovative & unique.



Girl Power.

Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel & Wonder Woman.

I’m patiently waiting for these DC comics to come on the big screen…

Scheduled release dates

Suicide Squad: August 5, 2016

Wonder Woman: June 23, 2017





Who’s excited for Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice? I know I am!

Scheduled to be released on March 25, 2016.

Although there isn’t a comic book based on Superman & Batman’s rivalry, director (Zachary Snyder) & screenplay writers (David S. Goyer & Chris Terrio) took it upon themselves to combine Metropolis & Gotham City in one film for us to see the relationship these two superheroes have.


My favorite villain.. Loki

Marvel made a great decision when they casted Tom Hiddleston to play Loki.


Why am I into comic books & the films?
I enjoy knowing the background story of the superheroes & seeing them come to life on the big screen. From the comic drawings to the motion pictures I appreciate all of the art that goes into it.



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