20 Things I’ve learned in my 20 years of existence

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1 -Family First. Always.

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2 -Consciousness is key to life

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3 – Take time to self reflect

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4 – Be sensitive to your mind, body, & soul.

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5 -If you find beauty in everything, your perspective of this world would be a better place.

6 – Kindness is the most attractive thing

7 – You are only as good as your word.

8 – Having a sense of entitlement will NOT get you anywhere.

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9 – You are not your status, things you own, or what people say about you.*Food for thought* If you were to be stripped away from your social standing & possessions… Who are you?

10 – Procrastination will only bite your own a**. Just do it now.

11 – Respect other people’s point of view. Not everyone is going to agree with what you have to say or believe. Respect that. One of my favorite quotes, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltair

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12 – Mood swings are normal. You are human. You’ll have your mood swings but be conscious of them and ask yourself why you’re feeling that way. Is it the hormones? Or just overthinking? It’s either one of those. TRUST.

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13 – Love yourself. Yea, that’s right! Give yourself a hug ’cause you’re awesome.


14 – You are what you eat & you are also how you move.


15 – Be careful with what you feed your eyes/mind on a daily basis. I am careful with who I follow on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, & other social media websites I often visit. I believe in finding inspiration in some athletes, bloggers, models, etc. but I have to be aware that I’m not constantly comparing myself to them whether it be their amazing bodies or lavish lifestyles. It’s good to draw inspiration from them but it starts becoming unhealthy when the comparison game comes into play.

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16 – Knowledge is power. I love what my grandpa always told me, “Learn as much as you can because knowledge is the only thing that people can’t take away from you.”

17 -Limits are what you set for yourself. No one else.


18 – God loves me. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. It’s hard for me to fully comprehend this type of love but it definitely comforts me.

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19 – Age does not define someone’s maturity. A person that is in their mid 30’s can still be stuck in a teenagers state of mind while an eighty year old woman has a spirit of a happy child. Youth is in your spirit.

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20 – Everybody, everyplace, everything that you encounter is here to teach you something. It’s up to you to be hypersensitive/aware on exactly what they have to offer teach you to help you grow.


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