Freshman Fifteen. How I gained it & How I lost it…

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At the very beginning of my freshman year, I thought there was no way I was going to gain the “freshman fifteen” because I knew the right foods to eat and I lived a fairly healthy lifestyle.

Little did I know, I would gain 21 pounds by the end of it.


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So how did I gain all the weight?
I actually gained the majority of it during winter break. I ate whatever I wanted and gobbled every sweet treat that crossed my path. Winter break was only 3 weeks long but I managed to put on 17 pounds! When I went back to school, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of remorse and yucky jiggliness. You guys know what I’m talking about. I didn’t know how I was going to deal with all the weight I put on (not to mention a horrible haircut which accentuated my filled-in face. Eeeek!) Ya’ll can say that I’m vain, but for me, my hair was my security blanket. All I wanted was a new ‘do for the New Year but instead I got a layered mess! My gloriously long hair was chopped off in a matter of minutes. I was mortified to go back to school. During winter quarter I gained another 3 pounds through; stress eating, sleep deprivation, depression, and other life stresses lead me to gain another 3 pounds that I yo-yo’ed for the next few months.

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So how did I lose all the weight?
I started hitting the gym with an actual workout split that works for me and that I actually enjoy. Towards the end of the summer, I started tracking my macros. I tracked my macros for one day and I lost 1 pound so I was sold and loosely tracked my macros ever since then and today, I’m still getting results.

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Now I follow a IIFYM (If It Fits My Macros) diet because it works for me. I’ve tried being vegan a couple years back and never have I felt so lonely because I couldn’t eat outside with family & friends and if I did, I could only eat French fries & salad. Not. Fun. At. All! Now I felt amazing when I was vegan but I couldn’t see myself enjoying company continuing that kind of lifestyle. I appreciate all the benefits and I fully support vegans but IIFYM is what works for me.

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Now I bought these tops not really caring about their quality. I bought these because I wanted to support a company that I felt was in line with my own approach towards health and fitness. I love the diversity of this team. Heidi Somers (bikini competitor/YouTuber), Alicia Coates (IFFB Olympian/Figure Champ), Jeremy Buendia (3x Mr. Olympia), & Randall (CEO of Live Fit). I really appreciate the vision Randall has for his company & the hustler mentality he has. The Live Fit Team members each have their own definition of what it truly means to be Fit. It’s not all about aesthetics, it’s also about your overall mental & emotional wellbeing. I love how each representative holds their own and influences masses. I proudly stand behind this company & what it stands for.

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My leggings are from Lululemon. I used to roll my eyes at Lululemon because they are just so darn expensive! There is one thing that I can NOT deny: they make every girls bum look amazing. I wondered if the quality would be up to par with all the hype it was getting. If you’ve ever tried on their leggings, you’d understand. What I like about Lululemon is that they don’t run their sizes like every other athletic gear with Smalls, Medium, Large, etc. with every style they offer you your actual jean size. I bought these leggings “All the right places” in a size 4. In ‘Wunder Short 2″‘shorts however, I’m a 2 but there is no where in hell that I would fit in a size 2 in their “Race Pace Tight Short” shorts. If you are thinking of buying yourself a pair of shorts or leggings from Lulu, I highly suggest you find a store near you, and try on 2-3 different sizes to see what the most comfortable fit is for you! These leggings are a great investment. As I get older, I am learning the true meaning of good quality.

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Top: Live Fit
Bottoms: Lululemon
Shoes: Nike Air Max Thea



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