Dorm Life. How To Deal.

And… I’m back in the dorm. I am finally all unpacked. My new current color obsession: white & grey. I love the simplistic look of white and grey for clothing & interior design. It’s so chic & classy! I have always been drawn to classic colors; black, white, & grey but this summer I rekindled my love for white and grey.

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Fall is finally here and that means school is starting for a lot of us. This means I probably won’t have as much time doing the things I enjoy doing such as; browsing the internet for constant inspiration via YouTube, tumblr, Pinterest, my favorite blogs (for hours on end). *sigh* You know what? I can do all these things but I just have to find time where I can fit it in my schedule. If you’re wondering what those 2 cylinders are they are my tins filled with loose tea. I am a tea lover! I am planning on making more use of the tea that I’ve bought from Teavana to help me distress instead of grabbing that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from the caf… Last year I had way too much crap on my desk and I found it difficult to focus while doing my school work on it. This is as minimal it’s gonna get for me.

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Like many girls, I set up tent when I have my makeup, lotions, and other miscellaneous things. This is the space where I will be planning my day/week/month, have my morning devotional, do my school work, & (oh ya know… making those gains) Haha (; so it’s very important for me to keep my desk neat & have easy access to anything that I consistently use.

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OCD got real for me when I was packing and unpacking. In my freshman year, I had no idea what to pack because I was unfamiliar with the weather up here in North California. I am a SoCal girl and this is a lot of outerwear for me. Not used to it, but I am definitely adapting! This time around, I knew exactly what to pack, and what I was actually going to use, so I narrowed it down to this.

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I was very fortunate to have roomed with family last year; my older sister & my cousin. Having said that, I was very comfortable with voicing out what I liked and disliked on how we kept our room. This year, I am rooming with a friend that I met close to the end of my freshman year. I know it’s hard to tell your roommate what your expectations are, because you don’t want to sound demanding or bossy, but I believe we have to have this conversation in the very beginning to avoid unnecessary drama. Some of us girls are experts at being passive aggressive. To save ourselves the awkward tension, we just have to voice out our standards and expectations from each other. Hold your end of the deal and also keep your roommate accountable.

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I also suggest to keep photos of the ones that are near and dear to your heart. Seeing their faces will lift you up whenever you’re feeling down or can be a reminder to check in with them and see how they’re doing. These are the people that mean a lot to me. My 2 older sisters, the sister that I chose (aka my best girlfriend), and my best friend which also happens to be my handsome boyfriend! *insert smirking emoji here*


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