The Obsession with Tanned Skin

I attend college at North California where the weather is much cooler & gloomier compared to sunny Southern California. That being said, throughout the two years I’ve been there, I slowly lost my tan and adopted a paler complexion. Looking back at my old pictures made me miss my sun-kissed skin. (BTW, a tan helps you look leaner. About 2-5 pounds)

Throughout the year I tend to embrace whatever skin tone I have. I don’t go on drastic measures to keep my tan. I also don’t lay out since I know doing so can do major damage to my skin. Wanting a tanned complexion is mostly a Southern Californian aesthetic. People in the East Coast (New York) especially the ones in the elite fashion industry prefer a much paler complexion and I honestly think both are equally STUNNING. Pale porcelain skin and deep dark skin complexion is beautiful and should be embraced! As for me, I know how dark I can get without doing crazy damage to my skin. Thanks to my Filipino genetics, my skin can take the heat (quite literally). I am blessed to have a lot of melanin and won’t hurt me too much if I get a deep tan which is what I’m striving for this summer.

So what does a 21-year-old do to find the best tanning oil?

Go on INSTAGRAM. DUH. *hairflip*

Bali Body is a vegan and cruelty-free Australian brand that makes the best tanning oils. If you have an instagram, you probably know about them. As you know, I’m vegan (for ethical reasons) so I am slowly transitioning to buying vegan-friendly items whether it be cosmetics, clothes and other things that I use in a daily basis.

I bought this bundle since I wanted to try out their original tanning oil and their 2 famous scented tanning oils. If I were to rate all three it would be this:

1st place Watermelon (PINK) – The scent is just what I expected and it is light weight

2nd place Original/Normal (GOLD) Has a traditional ‘tanning oil’ scent so no expectations=no let downs

3rd place Cacao (BLACK) – Disappointment. It’s sad because I was most excited for the scented ones. The black one is suppose to smell like cacao. For some odd reason, I expected this to smell like a Hershey’s Chocolate bar but I was let down. It smells like raw cacao nibs but I personally didn’t mind it after awhile since I’ve grown used to the smell due to the fact that I add raw cacao nibs to my green smoothie every morning. If you are sensitive with scents and don’t necessarily appreciate the bitter cacao scent, I suggest to stick with the original or the watermelon.

I know some of you have been thinking of purchasing these items so I hope this was helpful!


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